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Wedding Crashers in Minnesota

Want something fun and different?  Our Minnesota Wedding Crashers come in and help kick the party into high gear. We can bring props for you guests, dance with your guests, entertain your guests with stories or fake speeches and get those involved who maybe aren't having the time that they could be having. We can either come from the very start of your event and claim we are a long lost relative or come later and pretend we are rondom people stopping by. We are also open to any of your ideas and we can even crash ceremonies pretending we are exes of the bride or groom and get your families with an awesome prank!


Other ideas for crashing a Wedding in MN...

davePunking certain guests, constantly bashing marriage and everything about weddings, being extremely loud and annoying, pretending we are wasted, come dressed as a crazy mascott, show up covered in dirt, dressed really inappropriately for your big day or even pretending we are on rumspringa!!!!

Contact us, Wedding crashers in MN for custom rates and ideas.


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